Buckyballs, The Best Educational Toy

Strong Magnets

                  Strong Magnets In Buckyballs

Toys are a great way of getting your mind relaxed and focused. For this purpose, there are several categories of toys available among which you can choose the one depending upon your specific needs. On such great toy that is available in the market is Buckyballs. In fact, it is a great stress relieving toy, which helps a person to get away with the daily worries and tensions in personal and business life. Buckyballs is actually a set of 216 strong magnets each capable of attaching with each other. By using these strong magnets, a person will be able to make unlimited shapes and structures, which may or may not be defined geometrically.

The string magnets present in the set of Buckyballs generally have two ends, each having different polarity. However, you will not be able to see the poles, as the shape of the strong magnets is round and the most interesting thing is that all the positive charge poles will be pointing the same direction once you stick the strong magnets in the Buckyball set. Generally, there are two poles associated with the objects that are producing strong magnetic fields. Therefore, the magnets will either repel or attract each other when the magnetic field of one object interacts with the magnetic field of the other. It is this property of magnets that helps people to form a wide variety of shapes and figures.

# Balls Price Per Set Cost Per Ball Savings Total Price Click Here
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648 $25.99 $0.12 $12.00 $77.97
864 $22.99 $0.11 $28.00 $91.96
1080 $21.99 $0.10 $40.00 $109.95
1296 $21.49 $0.0995 $51.00 $128.94
1512 $20.99 $0.0972 $63.00 $146.93
1728 $19.99 $0.0925 $80.00 $159.92
1944 $19.49 $0.0902 $94.50 $175.41
2160 $18.99 $0.0879 $110.00 $189.90

Buckyballs is a strong stress-relieving toy, which helps a person to get away with work tension by creating new shapes using Buckyballs. Moreover, it is also a great educational toy, as it will help a child to know about the basic mathematical structures. You can use these strong magnets to form variety of shapes including pyramids, cylinders or cubes or you can make any beautiful designs using this and can gift it to your family members or friends.


Stress-Relieving Toy

             Neodymium Magnets In Buckyballs

Klikyballs is a type of Buckyballs containing the set of 216 strong magnets each capable of sticking to each other. Therefore, it can be used to form unlimited designs and shapes. Individuals of all ages can easily make use of Klikyballs without the need for any instructions. Since the magnets are strong, they are not easy to break down and can be used for years. Moreover, it is a great desktop toy, which can be used to stimulate both halves of the brain; thereby influencing the child’s thinking ability.

Other features

  • Provides lots of fun and entertainment
  • Equally useful for both adults and children
  • Used to create many structure and designs

Therefore, if you are looking for a great desk toy, then go for Klikyballs today and feel the difference.

Uses Of Neodymium Magnets


               Buckyball magnetic balls

In these days, you may have heard about neodymium magnets and would be wondering what they are. Well, neodymium magnets are rare earth magnets that have high magnetic force. They are the most widely used magnets as the magnetic force in neodymium magnets will not fade away with time. They were industrially first used in early 1980’s. They are used in a wide range of applications like electronics, magnetic resonance imaging, motors and for therapeutic purposes. One of the recent uses of the magnet is in the field of desk toys.

Buckyball is one of the most famous applications of neodymium magnets in the desk toys section. These small magnetic balls have high magnetic force of attraction and sticks to one another. They are widely used to help reduce the stress you feel at work. Due to the stress reducing property of buckyball, they are known as stress balls in the corporate circles. They can be brought together to stick on to one another for creating different shapes and structures. When you play with these magnetic balls, you will have to use your imagination, as there are no rules or instructions to play with these magnetic balls.

Some people take buckyball in their palms and simply crush them. This helps them in relieving their stress at the work place. The good thing with bucky ball is that they are available in all major toy stores and online stores. However if you have bought a set of buckyball magnetic balls, make sure that you keep it away from toddlers and young children as they may swallow them. Many have reported such issues. So, make sure that you keep buckyball out of reach of children.

stress balls

                  Buckyball magnets

Get KlikyBalls

KlikyBalls are a type of buckyball toy and are available in a set of 216 magnetic balls. These balls have high magnetic force of attraction so that they will stick to one another. It is found that a single KlikyBalls can hold all the remaining 215 balls in any form. Due to their high magnetic force of attraction, artists now use buckyball to create three dimensional structures. Academicians use KlikyBalls in their class to demonstrate the properties of magnetism to their pupils. Some even use these magnetic balls for educating the students about the concepts of geometry by creating different geometric shapes with them.

If you are looking for a toy that will keep you motivated and boost the brain cells, get KlikyBalls now for amazing offers from their official site.

Amazing Advantages Of Using Buckyballs


                 Magnetix Toy Info

In our modern day life, stress is something unavoidable, because it is everywhere, no matter what you do. Be it your work or personal life, stress is something that inherently occurs due to various factors involved in your daily routine. Though you cannot run away from it, you can at least mitigate it.

People nowadays resort to various tools and techniques to alleviate the tension associated with their personal and work life. Little stress is helpful as it helps to keep us out of bed. However, when you are constantly overwhelmed with stress, it has the potential to affect you adversely in the long run.

So, it becomes essential to relieve tensions and worries, thereby providing much needed distraction. This will only improve your focus on your job when you get back to your work.

Dealing with stress

KlikyBalls magnetix balls is actually a set of magnetic balls that can be joined together to create a variety of attractive shapes, designs, and patterns. These magnetic balls are made up of powerful neodymium magnets. It is the magnetic force of attraction between the balls, which keeps them together for quite a long time. This makes KlikyBalls magnetix balls one of the best choices while looking for stress-relieving toys.

KlikyBalls magnetix balls are mainly targeted at professionals who spend a lot of time in their offices. Its use as a desk toy, that relieves stress and tension can be beneficial for such professionals. You can take break for a few minutes at your workplace to play with KlikyBalls.

It is better than most stress balls because these magnetix balls provide infinite opportunities to use your creativity for creating countless possible shapes, patterns, and structures. Work related stress is automatically reduced while playing with these toys.

Constantly Overwhelmed

                 Magnetix Help

You can form near endless variety of geometrical 2D and 3D shapes with KlikyBalls. Actually, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating constructs with these magnetix balls. Another interesting thing is that you may have many exciting moments, because some of the patterns you create will be entirely new. Moreover, since creation of these structures requires the use of logic, it can effectively stimulate your brain and help improving your problem solving skills.

There are many other uses of KlikyBalls magnetix balls too, such as using these balls to stick notes on your refrigerator and creating beautiful jewelry. So buy a set today and start exploring more.

Unique Stress Buster Toy Made Of Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnet

Stress Buster Toy Made Of Neodymium Magnet

The neodymium magnet is a strong rare earth magnet. Another name of neodymium magnet is neodymium–iron-boron. The neodymium magnet is exceptionally strong and has a metallic appearance. You can see that the neodymium magnet is known to be a rare earth magnet since it is made of rare earth elements found on the periodic table. The strong neodymium magnet is nowadays used to manufacture magnetic desktop toys. Read along to know more about the magnetic desktop toy that can provide you instant stress relief.

Stress buster toy made of neodymium magnet

One of the greatest advantages of the neodymium magnetic toy is that you can use it to create several interesting shapes and designs. You can crush, mold and twist the magnetic toy into any form that you desire. The magnetic properties of the desktop toy enable you to easily attach and detach it to make countless shapes. You will be able to see a new pattern that emerges at the end of every design you create. Office hours can be hectic at times. Stress can adversely affect your mood and productivity. This is why you need an instant stress reliever to eliminate stress and elevate your mood.

The desktop toy made of neodymium magnet comes in a wide range of attractive colors. You will get the magnetic toy in golden, metallic black and silver colored editions. There are these special editions of blue and red colors that would look very appealing to the onlookers. This is why you can use the magnetic toy to decorate your office walls or your office table.

Another major benefit of the unique magnetic toy is that you can play with it and improve your brain functions. The right and left hemispheres of the brain will be constantly stimulated when you fiddle with the magnetic toy. This will enable you to increase your overall cognitive capabilities. As a result, you can increase your analytical skills, concentration and memory power in a significant way.

Eliminate Stress

             Toys Made Of Rare Earth Magnet


Are you in search of an instant stress reliever to deal with hectic office hours? Then KlikyBalls will certainly be one of the best options. KlikyBalls are the most popular magnetic toys available in the stores. It is an awesome desktop toy for young and energetic office executives. You can also use it while you are on a long and boring drive or while being stuck in the traffic.

Use KlikyBalls and enhance your imagination and artistic skills. The fun is unlimited and stress will not stand a chance while you play with KlikyBalls. Get a pack today itself. Bid good-bye to stress and make your office hours more productive!

Benefits Of Using Science Kits

Science Kits

                Science Toys

The present educational system involves memorizing a bunch of facts and vomiting them on to the answer sheet when the examination season begins. By the time you realize the system is broken and useless, it’s often too late. Although making changes to the educational system is not in your hands, fortunately, there are ways to ensure the future generation does not fall into the same trap!

It is common knowledge now that reading the book alone does not guarantee understanding of concepts or good grades. To get a better grasp of the concepts, you need deeper involvement in studies. You need to make use of various science kits available in market, so you understand how the individual blocks or concepts weld together to form a larger system. Proper learning is all about bridging the gap, between what you already know and what you would rather know. If you are studying science, use science kits to make the entire activity fun filled and educational at the same time.

Although there are scores of science kits available in the market, only a few of these are actually useful. A good science kit should be versatile and highly customizable. Like clay can be molded into any shape or size you can think of, your science kit should be highly customizable and should not limit you in any way. However, these science kits should adhere to the boundaries of the concept you are learning as well!


               Magnetic Kits

An excellent example is the magnetic science kits, which are becoming increasingly popular lately. The kit consists of a bunch of extremely small magnets, which can be used to create any physical shape you can think of. These toys stick to the laws of magnetism, so every structure you construct should adhere to the same.

Among the list of magnetic science toys, KlikyBalls continues to stick out as the best brand in the market. Not only are KlikyBalls available in a variety of colors (red, green, blue, black, silver and gold), but the build quality is far superior to any rival brand’s. You can buy this from the official KlikyBalls website for a price of $29.99. These science kits consist of 216 magnetic balls in a set. For hardcore enthusiasts, discounts are available on bulk purchases.

If you are not satisfied with the product, KlikyBalls offers complete money-back-guarantee! You can return the product and get back your money (minus courier and handling charges) with no questions asked!

Choose Buckyballs For Complete Fun

Magnetic Balls

            Uses Of Magnetic Balls

Fun activities are loved by almost everyone and no one would like to be an exception. Even though exterior games help us to have fun, it is often difficult for people to find time to go outdoors and have fun. You can consider choosing a unique toy that can equally alleviate your stress and help you to turn creative! Do not ransack your brain as you would have never tried this fun tool, the buckyballs!

What are buckyballs?

Buckyballs have turned to be the new fun tool trend that has become a great sensation. They are in fact small spherical magnetic balls that are made of extra strong neodymium rare earth magnets. These balls can be used to create strong structures and forms. These magnetic balls possess two poles out of which one attracts and the other repels. You can get these balls arranged in any way you wish. You cannot help but admire the way that the balls are being transformed. There is no doubt that each form will look quite appealing.

There is no limit or barrier to your ideas as you can go on stacking these magnetic balls and create different configurations. Initially, you can start creating simple structures, as you will have to get used to the magnetic properties. Gradually, you will be able to create more complex structures and puzzles using buckyballs. Simply rummaging your brain will help you to develop new innovative ideas and this is possible with the help of these magnetic balls. You will definitely feel how relieved your mind is as it is focusing simply on the designs. Thus, buckyballs can be considered as a perfect stress alleviator tool.

Create Strong Structures

       Advantages Of Magnetic Balls


KlikyBalls are the best selling buckyballs that are made of strong rare earth magnets. You get 216 magnetic balls in a set and they can be considered as one of the perfect desk toy. They offer plenty of fun and they can be used for educational purposes as well. KlikyBalls form the perfect way to create geometrical structures and forms. They are quite useful for learning atomic theory and bonding theory in chemistry. For learning magnetic effects in Physics, KlikyBalls are the perfect study material.

KlikyBalls can enhance your innovative skills and you can get the same improved using these magnetic balls. You can purchase KlikyBalls at the cost of 29.99 dollars plus 5.95 dollars as shipping and handling charges. If you wish to purchase black, silver or gold editions, you can pay 5 dollars more!

Buckyballs As Stress Busters

Buckeye Balls

                    Buckeye Balls To Manage Stress

Stress and depression are some of the factors responsible for illnesses in a human. It leads to anxiety, variation in the blood pressure, insomnia and many more abnormal health conditions. Hence, it is important to tackle stress and depression with some techniques to lead a healthy life. There are many toys introduced in order to manage stress and pressure experienced by people every day.

Buckeye balls are a type of science toys introduced to manage stress and depression. The best part of these toys is that they incorporate fun, intellect and fine-tuning of the brain in a single package. When you play with the toys, they train both the hemispheres simultaneously.

Buckeye balls come in a pack of 216 strong magnetic balls that let you make various structures. In the beginning when you are new to these toys, you will have no idea on how to play with it. However, as and when you start making basic shapes with the buckeye balls, you would just love the toy. You would very soon become an expert in making complex and difficult shapes.

Buckeye balls can be used as a desktoy to manage stress, hence you can have a set of these magnetic balls at your desk and play with it during the leisure hours at the office. You can call some of the co-workers to join with you and this can be a great time to get to know about each other. This will make the team stronger and hence the productivity is increased.

It is a good idea to incorporate buckeye balls while you teach your kids math and geometry lessons. The kid would learn the concepts of geometry better with a spatial representation of the geometrical structures with the help of the buckeye balls.

Manage Stress

                Buckeye Balls To Make Shapes


Klikyballs are great magnetic balls that are used to make great shapes and patterns. They can also be used to make various jewelry, since they have the ability to stick on to the other magnetic balls. Since they are made of magnetic materials, Klikyballs possess two sides, one of which attracts and the other that repels. This property makes it easier for the users to create great shapes and structures.

The price of a set of Klikyballs is about 29.99 dollars along with some offers. They are available in different colors to make playtime more interesting. Get a set of Klikyballs and start managing stress and pressure to lead a better life.

Enhance Your Creative Skills With Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls

                Significance Of Bucky Balls

Playing with toys and other stuff can definitely entertain you. It is essential for human beings to relax their minds using toys and games rather than drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Other than choosing normal toys to alleviate your stress, you could choose toys that can help enhance your creative skills. Since spending a lot of time on toys would seem quite impossible, it is better to choose one that you can carry with you at all times.

Bucky Balls are the best toy that can fit in your palm. You can place these spherical magnetic balls on your office desk. A set of bucky balls will have numerous smooth magnetic balls that are made of rare earth magnets. These balls are unique and they posses two magnetic poles. One pole of bucky balls attracts and the other one repels. It is not quite easy to identify these poles unless you start stacking them.

Being a revolutionary way to handle your stress, bucky balls helps you to release your imagination. Each time you use bucky balls, you will end up making different sets of designs about which you might never have thought before. Thus, you can recognize yourself turning innovative. Bucky Balls are the best geek toy and stress reliever tool that helps you to concentrate. In the midst of various problems and issues, using bucky balls will make you forget them all. Moreover, you will have a rejuvenated feel that no other stress relief tool can offer.


Spherical Magnetic Balls

                 Importance Of Bucky Balls

KlikyBalls are the best among bucky balls and there are 216 balls in the set. These rare earth magnetic balls are quite strong and form a lifetime toy. You can create various structures and shapes using it and crush them easily. Stacking these balls will help you to create different forms including 2D and 3D structures. Preparing a showpiece or geometrical shapes becomes too easy with KlikyBalls. They can form a perfect showpiece for your living room and office space as they have an enchanting look.

Your creative efforts will acquire a classy look with KlikyBalls that are quite shiny. Your chemistry project work will have a neat finish with KlikyBalls. Project on geometry will turn to be fun time as KlikyBalls are perfect for making geometrical shapes like cubes, pentagons, hexagons and others.

Available in six colors, KlikyBalls can be purchased online. They cost only 29.99 dollars. Grab them soon!

KLIKYBALLS- The Best Stress Buster Toy

Science Toys

            Magnetic Science Toys

There are times when stress can almost crush you. Tensions and stress are always unwelcome guests when we are busy with office tasks or while doing normal house chores. This is why we require an instant stress reliever to tackle such situations. Usually to unwind ourselves we always prefer to watch movies, listen to our favorite music tracks or simply hang around with our friends. These stress relieving methods are, however not always practical, especially during busy office hours. Therefore, we require the best alternative solution to eliminate stress. In this context, we can see that magnetic science toys prove to be a wonderful option.

Magnetic science toys

It is not just for fun and stress relief that we can use science toys. Hereafter learning and understanding science theories will become more fun. This is mainly because we can easily detach and attach these spheres to create shapes of molecular structures and aero dynamical designs. This is one reason why magnetic balls can truly be called as science toys. The fun never ceases when we play with these science toys. It is because there will always be a new pattern at the end of every design that you create with science toys.

Magnetic Science Toys

           Unique Science Toy

The science toys are largely used by college going students. Science exhibitions can be more interesting when you use these magnetic set of spheres. Besides that, magnets are believed to have healing properties as well when brought into close contact with the human body. You can enjoy this major advantage while you play with the magnetic balls. Nowadays there are KlikyBalls out there in the market that are quite similar to science toys.


KlikyBalls are believed to be the best instant stress buster. The desktop toy is in huge public demand now, and is almost a requisite at every office desk. Stress and worries will not affect you when you play with KlikyBalls. You can improve concentration, analytical skills and reasoning powers when you use the unique set of magnetic spheres.

KlikyBalls come in a wide range of beautiful colors. This is one reason why you can use them to decorate your office space. Get a pack of KlikyBalls to make your office hours more productive and enjoyable.

What Makes Klikyballs Superior To Other Bucky Ball Brands?

Strong Magnets

                  Neodymium Magnets

How to distinguish between good and bad bucky balls? It is not an easy thing at all. Some say that good bucky balls are strong magnets.  Does that mean bad bucky balls are weak magnets? Certainly not. There are bad bucky balls that are strong magnets. Bucky balls made of neodymium magnets are lasting and are more powerful than samarium cobalt magnets-made bucky balls.

Why bucky balls made of strong magnets are preferred?

It is quite difficult to give a single answer to this question, as this is an open question that needs to be answered in detail. We use bucky balls for a wide range of purposes; say as a stress reliever, a puzzle game, a tool that boosts one’s reasoning and cognitive abilities and as a mean for decoration. Although bucky balls are multi purposeful, they are used in somewhat similar ways. For instance, you align them together to form various shapes and designs. Your ultimate aim, while aligning bucky balls is to mould a shape or design you have in your mind.

If your bucky balls set does not have strong magnets, aligning them will become boring. You will realize that they don’t remain attached to each other. So, the point is that playing with bucky balls made of weak magnets is devoid of fun or enthusiasm. You can lose interest in it at any time. On the other hand, if you use bucky balls made of strong magnets, you will love aligning them and moulding shapes with them.

KlikyBalls- A bucky ball brand that offers strong magnets

If you have searched for bucky balls in the market, you may have certainly come across the brand named KlikyBalls. However, you are less probable to know its benefits over other bucky balls brands. Below are some of the key features of KlikyBalls when compared to other bucky ball brands.

Made of strong neodymium magnets

The major advantage KlikyBalls has against other bucky balls brand is that it is made of strong neodymium magnets. This makes it more efficient and durable.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets

                  Powerful Magnets

Available in different hues

KlikyBalls are available in different colours such as black, silver and gold. You can choose your preferred colour when you order for KlikyBalls.


Despite its superior features, KlikyBalls are cheaper than many other bucky ball brands. So, this makes it one of the widely accepted bucky ball brands in the world.

Klikyballs is certainly a wonderful toy for everyone. Get KlikyBalls at an amazing offer price of $29.99. Hurry up before the stock runs out.